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muC112 series is using OMNIVISON’s OCHFA10 CameraCubeChip®, which is a 1/17.5” color 518 Kpixel analog camera for the rapidly growing disposable medical endoscope market. It is the same size as the OVM6946 but has higher resolution, and is an ideal upgrade for bronchoscopes, ureteroscopes and hysteroscopes. It can also be used for industrial borescopes.
The OCHFA10 CameraCubeChip® integrates the image sensor, processor, and lenses in a miniature wafer-level camera module. It features OMNIVISION’s PureCel®Plus-S pixel technology, enabling high functionality in the smallest possible die size. With 720 x 720 resolution at 30 frames per second, it provides the best image quality for improved patient outcomes.

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C8203HL+muC112L1, C8203HL+muC112L2, C8203HP+muC112P, C8209HL+muC112L1, C8209HL+muC112L2, C8209HP+muC112P, muC112L1, muC112L2, muC112P

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1M, 2M, 3M


muC112 series