HD Camera Module



mCam703/mCam703U is based on an ultra-compact and power efficient CameraChip™ image sensor ov9734 designed for slim notebooks, tablets, handsets, and other devices that require a thin bezel. Built on OmniVision’s PureCel® technology, the OV9734 CameraChip™ delivers premium quality images and video, while consuming significantly less power than previous generation image sensors. It integrates image array, signal processing, timing and control circuitry, all on a single chip. It is ideal for applications requiring a small footprint, low power and low cost.

mCam703 uses 10pin connector for C8207 and mCam703U uses micro USB connector for C8203.


  • Tip size 3.8 OD x 8mm
  • Resolution: HD1280x720 pixels
  • Operation voltage 2.8V, 1.8V,1.2V
  • MIPI interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Cable size: 1.8mm OD
  • Cable length: 1M (up to 4M)


Pin Description

3CLKclock input
4SCLI2C clock
5SDAI2C data
6MDNMIPI Data Negative o/p
7MDPMIPI Data Positive o/p
9MCNMIPI clock Negative o/p
10MCPMIPI clock Positive o/p


Imager CMOS imager sensor OV9734
Optical Format 1/9”
Clock rate24MHz
Max exposure798 x T line
Video Output MIPI
Scan mode Progressive,max 30fps
Data format 10bit Raw RGB
Picture Element 1280x768 pixel
Pixel size 1.4x1.4um
Effective image area1819.58x1033.34um
S/N Ratio 36.4dB
Dynamic range 68.4dB @16x gain
Operation Voltage 2.8V,1.5V
Power consumption 69mW
Connector 10pin 1.25mm pitch
Tip Dimension OD=3.8mm , L=15mm
Lens specificationFOV: 108deg @full resolution
F/N: 4.0
Working Distance 5mm ~ 10mm

Application Note

Customer can develop his own solution to interface mCam703 but we provide USB modules C8207 for PC application Besides, we provide solution for HDMI output with image control functions



The C8207 is specially designed for micro-camera module, mCam70x series. It has built in a delicate DSP to interface mCam70x camera as well as the USB2.0 transceiver to output compressed video thru USB. It is UVC compatible and no PC driver is required


  • Small in size, 57x15mm
  • USB2.0 UVC device
  • Plug and play, no driver required
  • MJPEG video at 30fps
  • Video size selectable: 1280×720 & 640×480
  • Standby mode when no video streaming
  • Button for color balance
  • Connector to match mCam70x
  • Optional LED power output
  • Low power consumption


This module has been designed for mCam series and output real time video to HDMI monitor. It performs still image capture as well as video recording and store files to SD card. It has been designed for operation by DC5V or lithium battery.


  • Interface to mCam series camera
  • Real time Video output
  • HDMI output 1280×720@30fps
  • Simple operation for AWB
  • AVI recording
  • Store to SD card, up to 32G
  • Image quality fine tune possible
  • RTC with battery backup
  • Battery level detect and display onscreen
  • 5VDC/4.2V Li-ion battery operated
  • Built in battery charging circuit
  • Individual GPIO for key input

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm

C8209ML+mCam703L2, mCam703, mCam703+C8207, mCam703U+C8203E703, mCam703L2

Data Sheet

Packing List

mCam703 HD camera module1pcs
  • mCam703 HD camera module
  • C8207  board 
  • mCam703U HD camera module 
  • C8203E703  board 
  • 2.0mm pitch 2Pin open ended wire for power 
  • 2.0mm pitch 8Pin flat cable for keyboard
  • keyboard